Throughout the settlement process, Metro Settlements is committed to keeping the lines of communication open and will be in regular contact with you, your Real Estate Agent, your Banker or Broker and the other party’s Settlement Agent.

With Metro Settlements, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening and what you need to at all times.

We know that a delay can have a real-life effect, such as the expense or inconvenience of finding alternate accommodation.  These personal impacts are at the forefront of our minds when we’re helping you navigate the process and keep on top of everything.

Rest assured, your file will be handled by one of our licensed conveyancers personally.

What we do for you as your Settlement Agent

As your Settlement Agent, we will attend to a variety of searches and enquiries to ensure that the property you’re buying or selling is transferred correctly.

Our services over the course of a usual settlement process include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Searching the relevant Certificate of Title all relevant plans and anything that affects the property (known as ‘encumbrances’, which include mortgages and caveats)
  • Preparing the legal paperwork required to transfer the ownership of the property and ensuring that it is signed correctly by all parties
  • Enquiring with government agencies (e.g. the Council, Water Corporation and Department of Finance (including Land Tax)) to ensure that the rates and property taxes are paid by the right party, and that there aren’t any outstanding orders or requisitions on the property that may affect the ownership
  • Attending to the Transfer Duty payment (previously known as Stamp Duty) for the buyer and ensuring any reductions or exemptions that the buyer may be eligible for are claimed

What other property transactions can you help me with?

Metro Settlements can assist you with more than just the sale or purchase of a property.  We’re experts in a wide variety of property transactions, including:

  • Residential, Commercial & Vacant Land sale and purchase settlements, including off-the-plan apartments
  • Related Party transfers, including gifted properties
  • Private sale transactions (we will even guide you in the writing of the Offer & Acceptance Contract)
  • Deceased Estate transactions (Applications by Personal Representative & Survivorship)
  • Applications for New Titles where you have subdivided your property (Strata & Deposited Plans)
  • Transfers by Family Court Order (in the case of divorce or separation)
  • Applications to Change Name (due to marriage or by Deed Poll)
  • Duplicate Certificate of Title replacements

To find out more about your particular transaction, contact our friendly team today!