Other Property Transactions

Metro Settlements is your expert Conveyancer for a wide variety of other types of property transactions, other than your typical sale and purchase.  The types of transactions that we can assist you with include:

Related Party Transactions

A related party transaction is one where the buyer and seller have a blood relationship or a pre-existing business relationship.

Perhaps you’re not paying market value for the property, or you’re even being gifted the property.  Different requirements exist for the determination of Transfer Duty in these instances, and Metro Settlements can ensure that this is taken care of quickly and easily.

Private Sales

If you’re looking to sell you property without the assistance of a Real Estate Agent, contact Metro Settlements for guidance on writing up your Offer & Acceptance Contract.

We can even provide you with a blank Contract and sample Annexures for conditions such as building and termite inspections, subject-sale requirements and the handling of GST.

Deceased Estates

If a loved one has recently passed away, Metro Settlements can assist you in transferring the property out of the deceased owner’s name.

We understand that this is a difficult time for your family, and will ensure that the process is handled quickly and with little hassle.

  • If a Joint Tenant has passed away, we will prepare and lodge the Application by Survivor.
  • If the property was owned by a sole proprietor or Tenants in Common, we will prepare and lodge the Application by Personal Representative.

In both cases, Metro Settlements will also arrange for the consent of any Mortgagees.

Lost Certificates of Title

Usually, when you go to sell or mortgage your property, you’ll need to provide the duplicate Certificate of Title to your bank or settlement agent (unless the property is already mortgaged).

If you’ve misplaced the title deed, Metro Settlements can attend to Application for a Replacement Title.

Our quick turnarounds mean that we can have your paperwork prepared within the day and, once signed by you, our proximity to Landgate’s Perth office means your documents will be lodged the same day, if need be.

Divorce or Separation

If you’ve recently separated from your partner and have a Court Order to transfer ownership of your joint property assets, Metro Settlements can prepare and lodge the Transfer(s) of Land required to comply with the Order.

We know that this can be a stressful time, so we’ll take care of all of the paperwork so that you don’t have to worry.


If you’re subdividing your property either by Deposited Plan (sometimes referred to as ‘Green Title’) or Strata Plan, you’ll need to apply to Landgate to have the new, separate titles issued.

Metro Settlements can prepare all the necessary paperwork, and will liaise with your Surveyor and Bank (if the property is mortgaged) to ensure that your new titles are issued as soon as possible.

Change of Name

If you’ve recently changed your name by marriage or deed poll, or perhaps reverted back to a previous name, we can facilitate the change of your details on the Certificates of Title for any properties you may own.